This site is intended to be a simple tool for traveling vegans and vegetarians; to give you an idea of how veg friendly (veganable) certain places are before you go and hopefully provide some travel inspiration as well.

Due to the crowd-sourced nature of the data (Foursquare), the quality is a little hit or miss. They are supposedly all vegan/ vegetarian but in spot checking some of them (especially in Italy) I found that many are miscategorized, at worst though they have at least been “vegan friendly”. If you see something miscategorized as vegan/ vegetarian, take a second to update the venue in Foursquare and the changes will show up here eventually.

I’m a long time ethical, “junk-food”, vegan (since the mid 90’s) and I’ve been traveling non-stop since 2018. The idea for this site sprouted from the fact that when I’m looking at where to stay in a new city I always search near the highest concentration of vegan/ vegetarian restaurants.